How to make a video, having no idea how to make a video


If you want to make a nice video for your social media, and you have no idea of how to make videos, I have the answer: Improvise. I would love to have the time to make videos, but I have the time that I have and I use it to do what I can.

One of my favorite one is the Stop Motion, because you can make the objects move like if they would be alive. I used this technic for the cup drawn with calligraphy.


Calligraphy Vase Moving     Calligraphy Cup


Easy. You need a camera (use your smartphone if you want) just make sure that it stays always in the same fix position and it never moves. To fix it, you can use a tripod, or any object like a heavy old book at home.

  1. Find a clean space next to a window. This will be your background, so make sure that it looks nice.
  2. Place the object you want to shot on the scene, and make a nice frame with you fixed camera.
  3. Once you decide the perfect position of your object, mark it with a pencil (This is important to know always where is the first position of the object).


Then shot ones and move the object a bit, shot again, move it a bit, shot, move, shot, move…


And now what?

Now you need to put all these images together. Some people use IMovie, some Premier… As I said before, sometime the time is limited, therefore is nice to use the tools that you already know, Photoshop for example:

  1. Upload the images on the same file
  2. Open the Timeline Tab
  3. Click on “Create video timeline”
  4. Select the time for each frame
  5. Save and export your GIF (Facebook) or mp4 (for Instagram).

Now you just need to post it!
What about you? How do you do videos having no idea how to make videos? Tell me more! 🙂