2018 Monthly Planner


Planner 2018 DIY do it yourself


Are you also one of those who needs a planner or agenda every year? My agenda is always on my bag, no matter where I go, it always comes with me, to the mountains, trips, bars… I don’t only use it for a regular basis, also to draw and write ideas.

Normally any agenda is fine to organize the days, but my paper-friend is always the same Moleskine Daily Planner hard cover 9×14 cm normally black, but this year I did an exception an got it green. Moleskine is much more expensive than other agendas, but to me the paper is perfect. It is really thin and it stands strong inks and markers and that’s perfect because I don’t ruin the day after, every time I make an illustration on it.

It is quite sad that in the last years Moleskine decided to remove the telephone little attached notebook on the back, I used to use it for notes, now I need to add my own pages.

One of the things I added this years is the monthly planner on the photo. It helps me a lot to organize my orders and the key shopping days on Etsy as well as social media material that I will be posting.

The good thing is that you can use it every month, as it doesn’t have the month name, either the days.

Download it here, print it and share how it worked out for you! 🙂



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