Ipad Pro for Art, Calligraphy and Illustration


The best is yet to come


The answer that you are looking for is: Yes. It is worth it.

Last year I spent months researching about Ipad, Surface and Wacom devices. I wasn’t sure about what to get and after reading and watching many reviews, I bought an Ipad.

You will find many reviews and technical videos to see which device fits to your needs.

Art Supplies Store with you all the time

In my case getting an Ipad Pro and Apple pen is one the best things I have ever done. For sure my favourite will be always the real paper and the real ink, but having and Ipad allowes me to use every kind of paper, every kind of pen/pencil/brush and every kind of color in a little tablet at any place (planes, bus, sofá…).

No paper waste

Often is hard to get the perfect final drawing. And I used to spend a lot of time until I get the perfect letters. Now I can just tap twice on the screen to delete, or make a new layer if I am not sure about the result. I don’t need to buy more paper and better, I don’t need to through away old papers.

Paper sketch – final drawing – Scan – Digitalizing – Print

Instead of spending hours scanning and digitalizing the sketch, which is the most time consuming part of working, now I skip this part, due to the fact that I draw directly on the tablet. This saves me time and I can spend more time drawing and creating, than passing it to digital.



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